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Automotive magnetic suction wireless charging artifact Lead vehicle charging way of revolution

Date:2016-11-30 Hits:0

On-board wireless charging is a new technique developed in recent years, in the smart phone battery can't keep up with rhythm, 

anywhere at any time to recharge the battery seems to have more sense of security. And on-board wireless charging charging can 

make you more elegant, get on the bus after you just need to put the phone on the charger, mobile phone automatically start 

charging, think about all feel very pretend bility. On-board wireless charging scheme, car wireless charging scheme

Although the wireless charging car manufacturers on the agenda, but for now, 95% of the world's cars models are also failed to meet vehicle-mounted mobile wireless charging function,

 then the front loading couldn't keep up with, after the pack to force. The vehicle magnetic suction wireless charging artifact, up even more easily than the previous loading operation,

 do not need to open the armrest box or carrying boxes, eyes closed can be put in charge.

USES is Qi the wireless charging standards, is currently the most widely spread. Samsung mobile phones in recent years the basic support wireless charging, and put the filling. 

While the iPhone temporarily does not support, add a receive after also can realize wireless charging. This original magnetic suction technique can ensure that mobile phone on

 absorption, sticktite, this for using nano glue on the market or small magnet is a big improvement, upgrade experience.

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