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10W Bamboo Fast Wireless Charger

Date:2018-03-05 Hits:0
Product Introduction
Product Details
Wireless charging is cutting-edge technology, but it is not JUST appeared in recent years. With Samsung galaxy 8 come out, wireless charger became popular and we know more information about fast wireless charger. But have you ever heard of a 10w quick wireless charger?

Many people may have never heard of it. 10W wireless charger is the best fighter in the wireless charging industry, you will know after you use. Just like our new model C21 wireless charger, its characteristic is that the output power is as high as 10W, and it is compatible with 5W wireless charging, and it is equipped with over-current protection, Over temperature, Over voltage protection, and Soft / hardware dual over current protection

If you are using Samsung galaxy 8, you have to buy one 10W fast wireless charger for yourself, That will be perfect. Besides, Samsung Galaxy 8, Samsung Galaxy note 5 and Samsung S8 are all available to C21 wireless charger!

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