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Wireless Charger Powerbank Module

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Product Introduction
Product Details
10W Digital demodulation 3 Coils wireless fast charger for iphone wireless qi charger
We are the first one supplier to offer the digital demodulation solution wireless charger in China.
As a solution provider of the wireless charging in the industry, we have passionate employees and unmatched R&D capability, can react quickly to customer demand and provide onestop wireless charging solution. We have been engaged in developing the wireless charging solution for many years. Efficient
use of existing resources to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, to lay the foundation for the realization of sustainable development.

10W Digital demodulation 3 Coils wireless fast charger for iphone wireless qi charger
Second generation of wireless charging , from Simulation Age to the Digital demodulation solution

Product feature and application
Digital demodulation series is the Integrated Chip synchronous digital demodulation circuit, Adaptive input voltage fast wireless charging solution, the architecture according to 5V / 9V /12Vinput power characteristics of the design, With QC2.0 / QC3.0 recognition function,

Simulation solution PK digital demodulation solution
High efficiency (85%)
high protection speed( us vs ms).
Integrated Chip synchronous digital, Shorter production times.
Shorter delivery time, Lower heat.
Integrated sampling resistor, more stable.

FOD VRVS DPL,SCP,Over temperature, over voltage protection, soft/hardware dual over current protection

A. Car
B. Phone
C. Desk light
D. Others inquiry

Product Parameter (specification) of the 5W Digital demodulation Qi certified wireless charger wireless charger power bank module
Digital demodulation Solution circuit
■PCBA Size: 100*60 mm,can be customized
■Coil Size: 38*32mm,can be customized
■Input Power: 10W DC5V/2A,9V/1.67A
■Conversion Rate: 85%
■Transmitting Distance: 5-8mm
■RX Output: 5V/1A 9V 1100ma
■Working Frequency: 110-205KHZ
■Product Standard: WPC v.1.2.3
■Protective Measures: FOD VRVS DPL,SCP,Over temperature,over voltage protection,,soft/hardware dual over current protection
■ Dedicated high power low loss MOS & MOS driver
■ Dedicated high power low loss MOS & MOS driver
■Battery :could customized

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