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Qi Member Foldable Wireless Charger for iPhone 8 and X

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Product Introduction
Product Details

Qi foldable wireless charger

We supply Qi foldable wireless charger. All of our products with CE, FCC, ROHS certification. Expecting to be your trustworthy supplier in China.

Product parameter (specification) of Qi foldable wireless charger
1.Product Standard: WPC-Qi V1.2.2
2.TX Input: C5V/1.5A
3.RX Output: DC5V/1A Max
4.Working Frequency: 110-205KHz
5.Conversion Efficiency: 76%
6.Transmission Distance: 5-8mm
7.Color: Black, Silver
8.Package Size: 16*9.7*4.2cm
9. N.W:175g
10.G.W: 290g

 Product features of Qi foldable wireless charger
1. No wire, put your mobile on the charging pad directly
2. Adapter CE,UL certificated is optional
3. Including package, delivery place SHENZHEN
4. Color available: Black & silver
5. Charge all phone with Qi receiver
6. Warranty: 1Year Non-artificial damage

Product package of the Qi foldable wireless charger
Wireless charging pad*1pcs
Micro usb cable*2pcs
User manual*1pcs
Retail package*1pcs

Company information
Shenzhen Aodehong Electronic Technology Co. Ltd was established in 2008. We are specialized in all kinds of electronic products and offer fabrication services for semi-finished PCB products. Our main products include wireless chargers, in-car chargers and portable chargers, including transmitters and receiver modules.

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