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New technology: with radio waves for charging the mobile phone from a distance

Date:2017-04-14 Hits:0
Mobile phone wireless charging is not new, the current wireless charging is by mobile phone on wireless charging board up to charge mobile phone, many people said that it is not really do wireless technology company Radient Micro - Tech recently said that their technology to keep the cell phone from the useless of radio waves to obtain energy for charging.

Radient Micro - Tech recently received 2 patents of related technologies, according to the introduction, the company's patent allowed to recharge my mobile phone through the antenna receive radio waves, Radient said that their technology can extend mobile range up to 30%, this is enough for a whole day's frequent use.

The Radient plan their own technology to hardware manufacturers, if Radient technology really, as they describe your role on the improvement of the mobile phone charging and life will be very strong.